Energy for your business

Natural gas enhances the competitiveness of your products and services and enables you to implement new technologies. It is a versatile energy source, i.e. you may use it for heating, hot water production, professional cooking, cooling and fuel for road transport.
The cost of energy from natural gas compared to electricity and liquid fuels (fuel oil, gas oil) is lower. The tendency is to maintain this in the future as well. In connection with Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union, the introduction of higher sanctions for environmental pollution caused by the use of solid and liquid fuels further enhances the competitiveness of natural gas.

Main activities of the company

  • Analysis, evaluation and development of investment and gas projects, ensuring their financing, and management of the investment process
  • Design and construction of gas distribution networks and indoor gas installations
  • Construction of natural gas heating systems
  • Development of projects for modernization, reconstruction and construction of energy facilities
  • Marketing and feasibility studies, analyses, assessments and forecasts of the energy and gas market
  • Adopting and implementing advanced technologies, new production and services in the gas industry
  • Management, maintenance and operation of gas distribution networks and facilities
  • Supply, distribution and supply of natural gas